Emil Engler

All language is but a poor translation. — Franz Kafka


Welcome! My name is Emil Engler and I am currently a student based in Braunschweig, Germany.

Most of my free time is spent in front of computers. I am a huge advocate of the Unix philosophy and I try to keep my code simple, correct and secure. This is also the reason why I am using the OpenBSD operating system on most of my devices. While I do not take an active role within the suckless.org community, I still match up a lot with their philosophy and would enjoy if that would become the mainstream philosophy in the IT sector.

Beside computers, I am also a member of Stratum 0 since 2019, a beekeeper since 2020 and play quidditch since 2022.

I have also been a lot into (German) literature lately, being fascinated by Franz Kafka, ever since a friend introduced me to him in 2021. Sometimes I also write my own stories, but I have not managed to publish one of them so far.



  • slog — A static site generator that I can like
  • emux — An implementation of the POSIX-2008 utilities without any extensions


  • litev — A minimal event notification library
  • yhttp — A small C library implementing an HTTP/1.1 server


I do not have any social media (anymore) and would like to keep it that way.