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About Me

My work is centered around Unix development with a focus on libraries. I spent most of my time tinkering with C code although I write scripts in perl(1) or sh(1) sometimes. All my systems run OpenBSD - a free, functional and secure operating system. I try to follow the Unix- and OpenBSD principles in my code and I am therefore writing minimal but secure tools which integrate really well into an OpenBSD system by making use of many innovative syscalls, functions and concepts from them. Nonetheless my code remains POSIX compatible. I hate computers and enjoy bees, beer and biking.


Personal software projects

  • pdstring - A public domain replacement for strlcpy(3) and strlcat(3)



I have a PGP Key which also reveals my E-Mail address. Beside this I am emilengler on GitHub, Libera.Chat and freenode.

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